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Lam’s Foods Incorporated was founded in Guyana, South America. Since 1960, it has been family owned and operated producing noodles. In an effort to participate in a broader market, Lam’s expanded its product line by adding exotic snacks such as plantain chips, cassava (yucca) chips, etc. For over fifty years, our brand guarantees and represents quality and satisfaction.

Presently, Lam’s headquarters are located in New York. In addition, other branches are established in Florida and Costa Rica allowing us to supply vendors across the eastern coastline. Due to high demands, merchandising has recently been expanding to the international market.

At Lam’s Foods Incorporated we strive for excellence in production, distribution, sales, and management. We are constantly implementing new techniques of conducting business which promotes efficiency and competitiveness. We are continuously developing new products and experimenting with new flavors to satisfy the needs of our variety of customers. Our main goal is to always provide our customers with new and improved tasty snacks.